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ONLINE - Intellectual Property: why and how it can be the safest gateway to Latin America

More and more companies are moving in international environments in which it is essential to consider some aspects of the protection of copyright, trade marks and patents. By granting exclusive rights on the use of an invention or creation, IP rights give their holders several advantages, which properly exploited can be used to bring highly competitive products to the market, increase market share and revenues. Nevertheless, holders must be aware that such rights can be geographically limited and, therefore, subject to further protection if they are planning to enter foreign markets.

Enterprise Europe Network Brandenburg (presented by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology) and the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk will host a webinar for EU SMEs interested in doing business or enter R&DT collaborative relationships in Latin America.

The main issues concerning the protection of Intellectual Property to bear in mind when internationalizing a business will be explained. Special attention will be then given to the idiosyncrasies of IP protection in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

What you can expect:

  • Services provided by EU initiatives that support SMEs in the region
  • Indications on when and how is Intellectual Property relevant to your business
  • Main steps and particularities to protect your trade marks, inventions and creations locally
  • Updated information on the registration proceedings
  • Various case studies involving EU SMEs experiencing and overcoming issues with IP protection in the region
  • Tips to succeed abroad
  • Tailor-made assistance to your queries

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