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ONLINE - New equity crowdfunding programme unearths cleantech start-ups

Found by us, funded by you aims to unearth interesting cleantech start-ups and provide investors with a rolling pipeline of climate-aligned investment opportunities. “The Future of Sustainability with EIT Climate-KIC,” the digital launch of EIT Climate-KIC and Seedrs’ new sustainable investment collaboration, happening from 13:00 to 14:00 CEST on 11 May

During this event you’ll hear directly from EIT Climate-KIC and its first cohort of three founders:

  • Joost den Haan who founded PlanBlue to make underwater satellites that build up a global seafloor database to enable sustainable use and conservation of our ocean’s resources whilst fostering the Blue Economy
  • Alina Bassi who founded Kleiderly to produce a new sustainable plastic alternative made from textile waste. Their patent pending method diverts textile waste from going into landfill waste use upcycles this into a new circular economy plastic product.
  • Chris Carde who founded HeyCharge to democratize access to electric cars by providing the 42 per cent of Europeans in apartment buildings, with low-cost, easily-retrofitted EV charging solutions for apartment building parking.

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