Together with our partners, we support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular in questions relating to digitization.

Digitization checks for companies

In a (personal) consultation, we work with you to determine the extent to which your company can benefit from digital transformation, e.g., from e-commerce or more advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain. 

Following this needs analysis, we will show you concrete options for action and, if necessary, network you with the appropriate/correct contact persons.

Advice on funding & financing options

A wide range of regional, national and international funding and financing options are available in the area of digitization for SMEs. We will work with you to determine which program is right for your project.

Partner search for digitization projects

Digitization needs collaboration! Are you looking for a partnership from business or science to advance a digitization project? A distribution partner to sell your digital solutions internationally? A consulting service to explore an important topic in greater depth? From local to international, we will be happy to connect you with the right partners for your project.



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