DIALOGUE with Europe

Use your line to the EU Commission for criticism and suggestions for improvement! 

In the European single market, not everything always runs "like clockwork". Problems with VAT, cross-border transports, the provision of services or the recognition of annual financial statements sometimes still complicate the everyday life of companies that operate across borders. Do you know this? 

  • You have received an order abroad, but you are not allowed to work there. 
  • Qualifications of your employees are not recognized. 
  • Dealing with sales tax in foreign business causes difficulties. 
  • And then there are all the directives and regulations! 

You would like to have a say, wouldn't you?


The Enterprise Europe Network gives small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to influence decisions in the EU and to voice criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Your opinion is needed

Take advantage of opportunities to let the European Commission know what you think: 

  • Better Reguation Web Portal (Fit for Future): Feedback and suggestions on EU legislation, in the preparatory phase for new legislation, including delegated and implementing acts, as well as for existing EU legislation.

  • Public Consultations (Have Your Say):Expressions on new EU policies and legislation.

Feedback an die EU

Have you had negative experiences in the EU internal market or in dealing with the EU? Then share your experiences!  

  • The European Ombudsman: Submitting complaints about maladministration in the European Union. 

  • SOLVIT: If your business is obstructed by an authority under EU law, we offer to solve the problem within 10 weeks free of charge.  

  • Questionnaire: Tell us about your experiences and problems in the EU internal market. EEN will forward your feedback anonymously to the European Commission.



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