You recognise trends and aknowlegde the competence of future-oriented technologies at an early stage. You would like to implement your own idea quickly. But until now, you may have not had an analysis of potential, the right business partner or the necessary financing.

The Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg is the right place to turn your idea into reality.

Innovation check for businesses

During a personal consultation we will look at your business and will explain our offers in the following areas:

  • Technology transfer,
  • Internationalization,
  • Cooperation,
  • Financing and
  • Sustainable innovation management.

Once the first analysis is complete, we will go through varies opportunities and work together on the next steps.

Advice on funding programs

The European Union largest innovation funding program worldwide is called Horizon Europe. We will give you an overview of the program structure and together we will identify suitable calls for your project. During the application process you will have our support. 

Should there be no suitable call on european level, we will look at potential regional or national funding programs. 

Consultation on "intellectual property protection"

It is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to implement and execute new products to the market on their own. We therefore advise companies to look at protection and invention utilization at the beginning of the innovation process. We can be contacted as the first point of contact for all queries about patent rights and the protection of intellectual property. 

For more in-depth advice, we will direct you to our colleagues at the European IP (Intellectual Property) Helpdesk.

European IP Helpdesk | European IP Helpdesk (

Cooperation with regional innovation clusters

The Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg has been working for years successfully with the management of the five transnational clusters:

When accompanying your innovation project, we consult the appropriate innovation cluster manager, if required.



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